Bacopa Monnieri - A Natural Health Food Anti-Ageing Supplement

All of us hear about or use the alternative medicine methods of treatment. There are many types using different mechanisms. Herbs occupy a great position on the top of the list of the alternative medicines. Bacopa monnieri is one of is the commonest herbs used.

The Ayurvedic Medicine

India is one of the most famous countries using these alternative medicines. One of these is the Ayurvedic medicine which uses the herbs and the animal products in their treatment. Many studies have been carried out to study the effect of the herbs on systems and diseases. They also they do genetic studies, and India has a unique position in plant genetic studies in the world.

What is Bacopa Monnieri?

This is a prostrate herb belonging to the family Scrophulariaceae. It is creeping and diffusively branched plant, consisting of leaves and flowers; the leaves are small, succulent, and thick, they are light green and arranged in opposite way to each other on the stem. The flowers are small, white in color, striped with pink and blue, with about four to five petals. The plant is a very adaptive plant. It is considered as an aquarium plant and has the ability to grow in water. It is also known as Brahmi, or water hyssop.

Where does the Bacopa Monnieri grow?

The most famous countries where bacopa monnieri grows are India, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, and Sri Lanka.

The Importance of the Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri herbs have been used for centuries in India as a method of the alternative medicine. It also used in modern day medicine. Bacopa monnieri can be used alone or in complex of other herbs. They use it to promote longevity; it is used as a brain tonic and a cardio(heart) tonic as they enhance the memory and the cognition function of the brain. The bacopa herb is used by children to enhance the learning ability, and by the adults to increase the cognition function, and also by the old to decrease the memory loss. It is also used as sedative and anti-epileptic drug. It also improves the respiratory functions so is used in the asthma and bronchitis treatments; the plant is reported to be effective in the treatment of the inflammation, ulcers, various skin diseases, psoriasis, leprosy, and it is prescribed for the snake bites. It has a laxative mechanism so can be used for constipation.
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Natural Health - Foods to Eat to Stay Healthy

Over the years, people have become more and more conscious about which food to eat to stay healthy. Over the years too, several recommendations have been advised. To this end, books were written, keep fit programs were sold and advices followed. The average lifespan though stayed the same, seventy years, much the same as centuries ago.

What are the foods to eat to stay healthy? Everything but in moderation

Doesn't it sound very much like what the Hebrew book says?" Lifespan of seventy years", "all food have been cleansed", "avoid gluttony?" Through all these years, this has never been challenged. This fact remained sure and true. If ever, several adverts have already claimed superior benefits of their weight reducing, health-inducing product. What the adverts succeeded at was over-selling and over- highlighting their claims but never challenged this fact. But that is always true with commercialism. In this age where cents and dimes are often the rule of the day, there is no compunction to oversell a product to the point of using scare tactics for the targeted consumer to get their attention and possibly draw out their wallets and part with their money.

Do not fall for fad foods. If they were true, some of them should have stayed on in the market and have grown in market share as far as food choices are concerned. Nothing has and nothing will, because the price paid is too high for the benefit received and people eventually could see through that.

Instead eat food that tastes good. Eat all foods that are recommended in the good old food chart. The body needs sodium, it helps cleanse the body and prevent diseases. The body needs fat. Fat insulates us from the elements and helps keep our body lubricated as machines are lubricated. Fat also keeps our skin supple and feeling younger. Have protein in the diet, you cannot do with less of it especially when in the healing and during the growing up years. Calories are needed to maintain energy levels so is sugar. But then everything has to be taken in the right amounts and quantities. Everything in moderation

The problem is not the food; the problem is the attitude towards food. It is the preference of one food group over the other that keeps the system unbalanced and wanting of nutrients that weakens the body. It is the lifestyle that prevents us or allows excuses not to eat right but have fast food as the usual recourse.

Aside from the food groups that have been classified by science, there are only two types of food in nature that are provided to us. One is food for nutrition, the other are food for medicine and healing. Examples of these are garlic, turmeric and other herbs too many to mention. Every food has its own function and counter action. Spinach has oxalic acid and oranges have counter effects bad for certain blood types, eating raw exposes us to certain microorganisms etc. Nonsense, every food has properties different and tends to counter balance another food.

In an effort to sell a product, a brand, or an idea, what results is a scare that effects in limiting us with food choices often to those that we do not enjoy. The limiting of food choices keeps on evolving that if everything that is heard or advertised is listened to, nothing is worthy of eating anymore.
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Natural Health Foods

Natural health foods will make you live a more healthier life no question about it. If you put junk in your body the chances are you won't look like Mr. Universe. Foods that are natural consist of raw fruits and vegetables that contain no fertilizers or pesticides when grown. It is no secret how to become healthy, eat healthy foods its that simple but yet people want to search for the "next big thing" when it comes to diets.

When it comes to organic and natural foods you must make the transition slowly, eating too much natural foods too quickly can result in sickness. I know because I started eating a more natural diet and the first few days I didn't feel well. It was like my body didn't know how to respond to the healthy foods my body was absorbing. But after the initial "sickness" I was beginning to feel much better and had more energy I had in a very long time.

It may not be your favorite drink but raw milk is considered one of the best natural drinks you can take. What I also enjoy is sushi which can become addicting and you want more of it, but too much might make you sick. Instead of eating a bag chips for a snack try eating a piece of organic fruit or vegetable and you will see the improvements in your health in no time. Not once have I regretted ever taking natural healthy foods and I don't think I ever will.
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The Various Benefits of Consuming Natural Health Foods

Nowadays, more and more people around the world are realizing the importance of a healthy diet. Overdependence on fast food has led to a massive increase in obesity, diabetes and other health problems all over the world. Most fast food chains use high amounts of oil to make their food, which leads to high cholesterol and heart diseases as well.

There are a number of natural health food products available in the market these days. These products promise to be just as tasty and filling as fast food items, and do not cause any harm to the body. While apple chips, organic fruit preserves, etc. are partially processed foods, they do provide almost as many benefits as the real thing.

Foods like burgers, fries, cheese, and certain desserts have a high amount of unsaturated fat, which could lead to clogged arteries and heart diseases. A lot of fast food joints have started to offer healthier items on the menu. However, what most people don't realize is that some of the components used in such foods such as sauces and dressings, minimize any benefit you get from eating healthier items.

While buying natural health foods, make sure that you read the labeling and look at the nutrient information. Healthy food will have high levels of HDL, fiber, vitamins, etc. Avoid foods which have trans-fat. HDL stands for high density lipoproteins, and is also called good cholesterol. These are tiny molecules which carry fat and other harmful materials from the heart to the liver, to get disposed of. It is believed that having a high HDL count will substantially reduce the risk of heart attack, and other related diseases.

Generally, foods which are high in omega 3 fatty acids, rich in HDL and those which contain a high level of some antioxidants such as resveratrol are considered valuable in improving the health of the body. Items such as baked salmon, apples, pears, tofu, sweet potatoes, carrots, blueberries, walnuts, etc. are good for your health. Look for products which have been baked, and not fried in oil. Having a couple of glasses of wine a day is supposedly good for you as well.

While you are looking for natural health foods, try and stick as much as you can to products made by reputed companies. There are a number of guidelines in place regarding the features of such products. Make sure that the item you are buying, meets all such guidelines, and does not contain high amounts of trans-fat and other potentially harmful ingredients. Look for items which have been sourced from organic suppliers.

Studies have shown that consuming products such as apple chips, canned fruits, etc. provide significant health benefits over similar health products such as potato chips and wedges. They provide a greater amount of fibers and nutrients, which improves your overall health condition. Keep in mind the fact that even though these foods are good for health, you should avoid going overboard with them. Too much dependence on natural health foods may not provide desired results.
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Natural Health Food Stores

There are many ways that you can change the way you are living for the better, one of the most obvious today would be to start shopping at natural health food stores. There are endless items and products in these stores to help you get into a healthy eating habit and this is something that can change your life forever. When getting on board the health movement today, means that you are aware of your body's needs. Sound eating habits can and should be a priority with you, especially when you get older as you body needs nutrients to remain fit.

Natural health food stores can be found just about anywhere, you will not have to use a GPS and a prayer to find them now. The more people become involved with their own health, the more these stores will start to become common.

Anything And Everything

One of the best aspects about natural health food stores is that they basically sell anything and everything that is health related. You can find remedies for illness and you can find premade meals that are made on site with organic ingredients. There will be products for beauty and there will be products for babies. This means that this store can offer just about anything you could ask for. A good store of this kind will have a bakery, a meat department and a well stocked produce section. You will be able to do your daily shopping at a store like this, or you can use this type of store to do a weekly shop for the family.

Natural health food stores are designed to promote health and better habits with eating. These stores are usually founded with organic products in mind, yet you will find many items that are simply natural and not organic in nature.

Health And Beauty

When you are shopping at natural health food stores, you will also find that you can purchase items that are related to beauty as well as food products. This can include hair care and skincare products and you will not need to go to extra stores to get things accomplished. The great thing about these stores is that they go out of their way to introduce health to you. They show you how to change eating habits, just as much as they show you that alternative products for beauty are equally as important today. Taking the chemical enriched products out of your life and introducing healthy options will extend the life that you have. This is one of the best ways to start changing your life around and you will be able to do it all in one spot.

Natural health food stores are great for what they offer. They can give you quality products and have a staff that is well versed in healthy lifestyle choices. You will get professional tips and help from the best and this is far better than dealing with an inexperienced shelf stocker in a large grocery chain.
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